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Is Trump Chaotic—Or Is It America?


Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has recently argued that Donald Trump causes too much chaos to justify putting him back in the White House. Criticizing Trump for the chaos he instigates is valid and, by now, pretty standard. But in a country as chaotic as present-day America, is it still relevant? That is, can Trumpian madness still shock and frighten voters who haven’t seen anything resembling national calm in years?

In office, Trump was the chaos agent, a president who considered transgression and norm-busting to be the job description. But today his antics constitute little more than a detail in a sprawling Hieronymus Bosch grotesque. He now shares the canvas with, among other horrors, lawmakers on the verge of fistfights, a lying ex-congressman in drag, a congresswoman wearing a scarlet letter, another chanting terrorist slogans, Senate-filmed pornography, topless trans activists at the White House, a withered and glitching gerontocracy, a candidate-canceling court, a leaking Supreme Court, American Hamasnik hordes, a demonic Ivy League, AI Armageddon, UFO fever, and the never-ending Biden family sleazeathon.

Whatever you think of Joe Biden, you can’t say that he’s restored a sense of normality to the United States.

And that’s only considering the scandalous aspects of our national…

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