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Israel Cannot Negotiate with Hamas Terrorists


Former President George Bush said that “negotiating with killers is not an option for Israel” in the aftermath of Hamas’s terrorist attacks last weekend, according to video obtained by Axios. 

Axios published the footage Friday, in which Bush spoke with Mark Updegrove, president and CEO of the LBJ Foundation, and shared his personal support for Israel, though he expects things to get “ugly” as the country responds to the attacks.

“My thoughts were that we need to support Israel – no ands, ifs, or buts,” Bush said of his initial reaction to the attack. “This is an unprovoked attack by terrorist people willing to kill innocent people to achieve an objective.” 

“Hamas is a political organization. They do not reflect the majority of the Palestinians, and don’t be surprised if Israel takes whatever action is necessary, defend herself, and it’s gonna be ugly for a while,” he added. 

The death toll of Israelis has surpassed 1,300, and more than 3,000 were wounded as of Thursday, while another 150 Israelis were abducted by Hamas. On Friday, Israel launched “localized raids” on Gaza after providing notice of the move to Northern Gaza residents, urging…

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