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Israel, Ukraine, Russia, and Republicans


Within hours of the horrible attack on Israel by Hamas militants, Republicans began placing the blame on President Joe Biden. Presidential candidate and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott cited “Biden’s weakness” for inviting the attack. Former vice president and current presidential wannabe Mike Pence was one of many Republicans who immediately tried to draw a connection between the attack and the release of impounded Iranian funds. Despite many attempts by Republicans to imply some of the money might have been funneled from Iran to Hamas, even Fox News admits that this is completely untrue.

Anyone whose first thought on seeing the terrible images out of Israel is, “How can I use this to gain an advantage on my political opponents?” is intrinsically unfit to hold any position of authority. And any willingness to engage with enemies to gain that momentary edge is dangerous to Israel, to Ukraine, and to America.

Also within hours of the attack, Russian war bloggers began posting videos and images that they claimed showed an Israeli Merkava tank being destroyed by Hamas forces. Many of these images included claims that the tank had been destroyed by weapons sold to Hamas by corrupt Ukrainian officials.

None of this is true. The tank in the image is a Russian tank…

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