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Israel Welcomes Return of 4 Children and 9 Women From Hamas Captivity. Dozens of Kids Remain in Gaza


Thirteen Israelis, four children and nine women, returned to the Jewish state on Friday evening after 49 days in Hamas captivity in the Gaza Strip.

Israel identified the released hostages as: Yafa Ader, 85, Hannah Perry, 79, Ruthi Mondar, 78, Hannah Katzir, 77, Margalit Mozes, 77, Adina Moshe, 72, Keren Mondar, 54, Danielle Aloni, 44, Doron Katz Asher, 34, Emilia Aloni, 9, Ohad Mondar, 9, Raz Katz Asher, 5, and Aviv Katz Asher, 2. Ten Thai citizens and one Filipino citizen were also released.

The much-anticipated homecoming of the children and women was bitter-sweet for Israel, as 34 kids and 180 other hostages were believed to remain captive in Gaza. Among the Israeli children who were still missing were a 10-month-old baby and his family and a 3-year-old girl whose parents were murdered by terrorists.

“We have now completed the return of the first of our hostages—children, their mothers, and other women. Each and every one of them is an entire world,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement. “But I stress to you, the families of the hostages, and to you, the citizens of Israel: We are committed to the return of all our abductees. This is one of the goals of the war, and we are committed to achieving all goals of the war.”

The 13 Israeli hostages released by Hamas on Nov. 24,…

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