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It Doesn’t Matter How Trump Polls. The System Is Rigged


According to a Harvard-Harris poll, former President Donald Trump leads current President Joe Biden by five points. Trump was 46 percent to 41 percent in the vote of registered voters. He also led Kamala Harris, Vice President, 48 to 40%.

The poll is clearly an exciting development for the Trump campaign — Trump himself took to Truth Social to share Breitbart’s reporting of it — and shows that people want an alternative to the Democrat Party’s milquetoast malaise.

According to the poll, Trump is still the most preferred 2024 presidential candidate by Republican voters. DeSantis was also ahead of Trump by 10 points.

But is this really what it means? 

Substantively conservative Americans may be able to breathe a sigh of relief that their fellow Republican Party members haven’t abandoned the MAGA movement’s exercise in economic populism in an attempt to utterly forsake the heartland once more. But even if Trump does secure the Republican Party’s nomination, he’s already campaigning with one hand tied behind his back by being denied equal access to the digital public square by Big Tech in what amounts to a united display of corporate election interference.


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