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Often, I derive inspiration for my writing from songs — certain titles or lyrics just seem to wander into my brain and jangle around it until I find a way (and the time) to sort them out on the page. Ringo Starr’s “It Don’t Come Easy” has been doing just that of late (not the lyrics, just the title) as it relates to the concept of change — particularly changing minds.

I’ve been thinking a lot about political discourse — how fractious and perilous it most always seems to be. We’re a far cry from the spirited — but generally good-natured — debates I recall from my younger days. I suspect that’s in large part due to the primary way we communicate now — online and via social media, rather than face-to-face. It fosters depersonalization — dehumanization — and breeds disdain. I’ve been an observer of and participant in online political sparring long enough to understand that few minds are changed and few hearts won over via such mediums.

And yet…mine was.

You see, I used be a liberal Democrat. My family was very involved in politics. My parents were very involved — in Young Democrats, campaigning, etc. My dad actually had just returned from Chicago’s infamous Democrat Convention in 1968. He was there, and not among the rabblerousers, when my mom informed him.

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