Home Featured It is scary that Trump refuses to concede the election.

It is scary that Trump refuses to concede the election.

It is scary that Trump refuses to concede the election.

Hi, my name is Andrea Fellerman
Kesack, and I am a 20-year citizen of Montgomery Area, Pennsylvania. I am a lifelong Republican politician,
having actually registered with the event at the age of 18. In Pennsylvania, as of November
10th, Biden has a 47,483 vote lead. It'' s crucial to note that in
2016, Trump just led the state with a little less at 44,292 votes. As well as he was greater than
delighted with those outcomes. With all that in mind, I am concerned concerning
advancing disagreements that do not have evidence and also exactly how it can threatened the stability
of our American political elections with Trump'' s continued assertions of scams as well as multiple
lawsuits for political election irregularities.This isn ' t normal as well as quite honestly, it is downright frightening.
Shedding U.S. Presidential candidates have actually alloted partisan distinctions and often deep individual dislike towards the victors to accept the results of our rather held united state Elections.
President Trump as well as Vice Head Of State Pence have both stopped working to affirm that they will certainly accept the results of our relatively held political election. The United States of America is the envy of the world for our capacity to perform risk-free, reasonable, and also unquestioned elections.I wear '
t want to be remembered as the generation that voted away my freedom.

Please join me sought after reasonable secure political elections. And requiring that the Republicans identify the outcomes of this political election so we can assure the smooth transfer of power.