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‘It’s An SOS’: Texas Community Reels As Colony Ridge Expands, Says Development Has ‘Devastated Our Way Of Life’


Residents and law enforcement in the immediate area surrounding Colony Ridge, a massive land development that many believe has become a settlement for thousands of illegal immigrants, say their once-beloved community is now unrecognizable, charging that the area now resembles a “third world country.”

Everett Needham says he’s facing the reality that it may be time to leave the area that his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents have all called home. He told The Daily Wire that the Colony Ridge development “has been a disaster from day one.” Needham says the development, which has brought tens of thousands of new residents to his backyard, putting a strain on the area’s schools and law enforcement, “has devastated our way of life,” with the town that several generations of his family have lived in now feeling “like a third world country.”

Residents of Plum Grove, a small town of roughly one thousand residents that’s been swallowed alive by Colony Ridge, say they feel like they’ve been invaded. One resident, who spoke to The Daily Wire on the condition of anonymity citing fears of retaliation, said she now lives in fear.

“We had a really nice, clean,…

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