Home News It’s Just the Beginning of McCarthy’s Headaches

It’s Just the Beginning of McCarthy’s Headaches


Aaron Blake: “Well, Crazytown now puts significantly more levers of power in the hands of its most extreme denizens, thanks to the second-smallest GOP majority in the past 90 years and the major concessions McCarthy chose to grant his holdouts during negotiations.”

“They’ll have significant say on the hugely important House Rules Committee. According to reports, they will be able demand budget cuts to increase the debt ceiling (which increases the likelihood of a default). And just one member can move to oust McCarthy if they don’t like what he’s doing — what’s known as a ‘motion to vacate the chair.’ That’s a situation which contributed to Boehner’s resignation and which former speaker Paul D. Ryan’s team compared to a ‘weapon pointed at [the speaker] all the time.’”

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