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Jill and Joe are Puerto Rican? ¡Sí, Por Supuesto! – RedState


Joe Bidón grew up hard and he grew up fast. He was forced to. The streets in West Mayfield were a mess. Too mean. His padre warned him “stick your own kind, Joey, those white boys don’t want our kind around.”  Sure, padre could sell used cars but that was as far as a Puerto Rican Bidón could go in West Mayfield. Joey was forced to start a gang. He named his gang “The Sharks” after the pack of sharks he killed swimming to the mainland with his sister, Maria on his back.

Joey told his homeboys, “We Puerto Ricans have to stick together in Delaware”. Sure there were other Mayfield gangs but Joey’s gang was the best. After Corn Pop, their leader, the Black gang was known as the Cornpoppers. The white boy gang was called “The Jets”. It was named for the Jets, who flew over Delaware to pollute everything with oil slicks. They were the oil-slick ones.

Joey and Jill met at a YMCA dancing. Jill created her own clothes using drapes, couch fabric and fishnets. They were inseparable. They were loved by all, even West Mayfield’s white boys. Tony, a male dancer from West Mayfield, came to one of the dances and danced with Maria. Joey advised Tony to go looking for his lost friend. He returned with a knife, and he did. Tony stabbed Joey but the knife just bent off of Joey’s pecks (that’s how tough Joey was).

Joey wanted to write…

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