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CNN Report: Jim Acosta to Be Fired Soon


CNN is on the verge of collapse and we are here to support it!

Jim Acosta, the Trump-hating whiny liar posing as a ‘reporter’ will be fired from CNN soon according to Jon Nicosia, the former managing editor for the Washington Examiner who accurately reported on Brian Stelter’s demise.

CNN’s former boss Jeff Zucker was fired earlier this year. The old guard at CNN are being relegated.

CNN’s talking potato Brian Stelter was fired over the summer and Jim Acosta is next.

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A Discovery Executive at CNN told John Nicosia, the “big name” about to exit CNN “does not have a place in the new CNN. He reminded us of the Zucker era we are trying to move away from. The only reason he is still on air was not to look like we were ‘cleaning house’ for political reasons right after the closing”

John Nicosia revealed the “big name” to which he was…

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