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Joe Biden Battles the Podium, the Teleprompter, and the Truth in South Carolina – RedState


How bad are things going within the current administration? Things are so bad that they’ve settled on “Bidenomics” as being a good messaging strategy. Apparently, the president and his handlers believe that putting his name on the current economic malaise is actually a net positive compared to the alternative.

Are you feeling the recovery yet? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Regardless, Joe Biden wants you to know how thankful you should be for his leadership, and he appeared in South Carolina on Thursday to promote “Bidenomics.” In doing so he battled the podium, the teleprompter, and the truth.

I realize this stuff gets played off as being a “joke,” but it just comes across as incredibly awkward. He turns around, mouth gaping, and starts kicking the podium, saying it’s not working. What’s funny about that? And while the crowd starts laughing at the end, I’d suspect most didn’t even understand what he said. It took me several passes of listening closely to make it out what he mumbled.

Biden then moved on to fighting the teleprompter, which I’ll remind…

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