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Journalism Is ‘Most Regretted’ Major As Trust In Big Media Sinks


At a time when the majority of Americans recognize the corporate media are dishonest, journalism tops the list of the 10 most regretted college majors, according to a ZipRecruiter survey from last November that CNBC republicized on Sunday. A whopping 87 percent of journalism graduates regret their degree choice, with sociology, liberal arts, communications, and education next on the regret list. Of job seekers with college degrees overall, 44 percent regret their chosen major.

It’s conventional wisdom that students who spend exorbitant amounts of money on a college degree, or take out monstrous loans to do so, should consider whether their chosen field of study will leave them with useful and valuable skills. Fields that prize technical expertise, like medicine or engineering, are generally safer financial bets that justify hefty education bills, as one Georgetown study showed. In the ZipRecruiter survey, the least regretted college major was computer and information studies, with criminology, engineering, and nursing following in the ranking.

But modern J-school students, on the other hand, typically write massive tuition checks to be instructed in the propaganda that passes for journalism at most universities and in the insulated newsrooms their students populate. They are

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