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Justice Jackson Units File for New Justice in October Arguments


The Perfect Court docket’s latest Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, used to be a particularly lively questioner all the way through the Court docket’s October argument. Certainly, as Dr. Adam Feldman of EmpiricalSCOTUS tabulated, she spoke over twice as much at oral argument as any other justice. Listed here are the numbers, in graphical form.

Justice Jackson’s engagement in oral argument has attracted realize. Right here, for instance, is what the Washington Submit reported:

[F]ew had been ready for Jackson’s venturesome debut within the courtroom’s first sitting. Over 8 oral arguments, she ruled the wondering and observation, talking two times up to her subsequent maximum loquacious colleague. . . .

Jackson used to be a chronic questioner in each case. Her contributions ranged from the sweeping — a rejection of an originalist interpretation of a colorblind Charter that provoked swoons from the liberal prison neighborhood — to the type of mundane trivialities upon which even Perfect Court docket choices flip. . . .

By means of the tip of the 8 arguments, Jackson had spoken greater than 11,000 phrases, in keeping with Feldman’s statistics. That is about double the just about 5,500 phrases spoken by way of runner-up Justice Sonia Sotomayor. (Justice Elena Kagan used to be in 3rd position, indicating that whilst the courtroom’s 3 liberals is also outvoted in lots of circumstances this time period, they don’t seem to be going to be…

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