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Kamala Harris hosts ‘grossroots’ fundraiser on Martha’s Vineyard amidst housing crisis


Vice President Kamala Harris greeted supporters on Martha’s Vineyard Saturday on behalf of the Biden-Harris campaign. 

Her arrival at the idyllic, high-priced Massachusetts resort was touted as a “grassroots fundraiser.”

However, access to the VP, on an island in which 75% of voters pulled a lever for the Democrat ticket in 2020, cost as much as $10,000. 

“I guarantee you not one working-class Democrat (was) invited to the Kamala event,” long-time Martha’s Vineyard homeowner, high-profile attorney and longtime Democrat supporter Alan Dershowitz told Fox News Digital.

The big-ticket appearance underscored growing concerns, according to many long-time island residents, on an island overrun in recent years by powerful leftist elites who rule Washington DC, and shape pop culture. 

Martha’s Vineyard as a result, they say, is now unaffordable for the average person, increasingly hostile to both working-class residents and its Native Wampanoag population, and ruthlessly intolerant of opinions that run counter to hard-woke Democrat talking points. 

“Martha’s Vineyard has been socially engineered for the elite of the Democrat National Party,” Jim Powell, a longtime Martha’s Vineyard teacher and union rep, told Fox News Digital. 

Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris greeted supporters on…

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