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KAMALA HARRIS WRAPPED: Here’s How America’s Favorite VP Fared During Another Rocky Year Under Scrutiny


Vice President Kamala Harris had an active 2023, from heading the White House’s anti-Islamophobia task force, to announcing an abortion rights tour, to solving the root causes of the immigration crisis, all while taking fire from all sides on the administration’s performance.

In 2023, Harris recorded the lowest vice-presidential favorability rating in NBC News poll history, hitting a net-negative rating of -17. Forty-nine percent of Americans said in June they had a negative view of the vice president, while 39 percent said they had a “very negative view.” Amid the low poll numbers, Harris made an attempt throughout the year to forward the administration’s missions on a variety of fronts, including gun-safety, the migration crisis and climate change.

Harris kicked off 2023 by touting her progress on fixing the root causes of the migration crisis in February. The vice president announced Feb. 6 the Biden administration had invested at least $3.2 billion to address the migration crisis, unveiling they would be pouring an additional $956 million into private sector entities. (RELATED: Biden Says Kamala Harris Is Doing A ‘Good Job’ With The Border After She Was Missing For…

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