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Kanye And Candace’s ‘White Lives Matter’ Moment, And Why It’s So Important Right Now


Billionaire Kanye West and The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens shocked the internet this week when they donned “White Lives Matter” apparel at Paris Fashion Week The media was further angered, brainwashed celebrities, and cultural gatekeepers when the refused to back down.

At a time when Big Tech, American institutions, and the State are tightening its grip on policing thoughts and actions, West and Owens’ “White Lives Matter” moment is actually not about provocation, but a strong signal that the Left’s policing doesn’t have to be tolerated.

The Left has created rigid parameters for our famous and diverse racial/ethnic groups. West and Owens’s refusal to conform is unique and challenging.

West’s remarkable success is likely to be affected by his public political statements. We’ve seen actors and performers ostracized from their careers for daring to voice any out-of-narrative view at all; it’s just not allowed. The “Donda” rapper is supposed to be hamstrung by his race, too. A black man should not look at a Republican.

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