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Kellyanne Conway is Furious about Biden’s Marijuana Pardons


Seeing President Biden utilize the president’s pardon power under Article II to see that justice is done was like a breath of fresh air, taking the pardon power back to where it should be and away from the “pardon celebrities and the power players who lied and covered up for me” as it was under Trump.

The Brennan Center describes it as follows:

When it comes to reducing our prison populations, we’ve argued that this power should be used more frequently as a A vital mechanism to show mercy and temper the sometimes harsh, racist, inequitable effects Our criminal justice system.

Yes. You are right. Even some Republicans came out yesterday to praise Biden’s pardons. Some. This is where one sees the split in the GOP between “MAGAs loyal to Trump” (Kellyanne Conway, below) and the “GOP Proper.” To the extent the GOP is a “thing” unto itself, it is carried on by representatives like Nancy Mace, who has turned away from Trump on certain issues.

From The Hill

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace (S.C.) on Thursday applauded President Biden’s decision to pardon all individuals convicted of simple possession of marijuana under federal law, giving the White House “credit where credit is due.”

“I want to give credit where credit is due. I don’t always agree with the Biden administration, I’ve…

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