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Ken Olin suggests fathers be financially responsible from conception in states where abortion is unlawful


Amid leftist outrage over a Supreme Court ruling that struck down Roe v. Wade, Ken Olin — an outspoken leftist who has described President Joe Biden as “a giant” — declared that in states where abortion is unlawful, fathers should be financially responsible from the time of conception.

“In States where abortion is illegal the father should be financially on the hook at the moment of conception,” Olin tweeted — Olin is a director, producer, and actor.

Many responded by noting that they completely agree with the policy position that Olin mentioned.

“Your terms are acceptable,” tweeted Dan McLaughlin of National Review Online. “No man should ever fail to support his own children. Ever. In fact, no man should ever fail to stick around to raise his own children. Fatherhood in all of its obligations is what manhood is *for*,” he added in another post.

“It never gets old that the libs think this is a sick burn,” John Cooper of the Heritage Foundation tweeted.

“Yes – that has been the #prolife position from day one. Welcome to the movement,” Michael Quinn Sullivan tweeted.

“Thank you for making the decades-long argument that conservatives have made. We accept your terms,” someone else tweeted.

Olin is outspoken about his political views — he has praised President Joe Biden and denounced former President Donald Trump.

“Yes, @POTUS is an elderly man,” Olin tweeted about Biden. “But he’s an elderly man who knows what it takes to be a great President. And he still has the faculties to do the job with decency, ethics, empathy, conviction, honor, and character. Don’t mistake humility for weakness. Biden is a giant.”

“That Donald Trump – the epitome of a profligate amoral crude ignorant narcissistic misogynistic vile sacrilegious liar and reprobate – would be the one responsible for taking America back to the repressive Christian laws of the mid 1950s is the cruelest of ironies,” Olin tweeted.

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