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KOLODIN: To Solve A Water Crisis, Arizona Created A Voluntary Government 


Real-world examples of voluntaryist governments are few and far between. Successful real-world examples of voluntaryist governments created by bipartisan supermajorities are practically non-existent. But that is exactly how we solved Rio Verde Foothills water crisis. 

In January, the city of Scottsdale cut off water service to the unincorporated community of Rio Verde Foothills, which I represent in the Arizona state legislature. There was, however, a private company willing to supply the community on an interim basis until Arizona’s byzantine water bureaucracy could provide the approvals necessary for permanent service (a years-long process).

Scottsdale, though it was willing to allow the private party to serve Rio Verde, felt it could only lawfully do so via an intergovernmental agreement. The only problem is, there was no governmental entity willing to contract with Scottsdale.

There was, of course, no practical reason that a private water company couldn’t sign an agreement with Scottsdale directly. Arizona’s water laws would give Kafka nightmares.

Thus, the Rio Verde Foothills lost access to its long-term water supply in what the hyperventilating climate pimps at The New…

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