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Kris Jenner’s Cleaning Brand Safely Expands Into Scented Air Diffusers – WWD


Kris Jenner knows it is difficult to create a sustainable brand. Kris Jenner, an entrepreneur, is not only managing her reality-star children who operate a number of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands but she is also creating waves with her own line of products. Safely, Jenner’s cleaning brand she co-founded with Emma Grede, is making a new expansion into air care with diffusers.

Safely co-founders Kris Jenner and Emma Grede.

Emma Grede and Kris Jenner were co-founders.

“This is my happy place. Cleaning is something that I am obsessed with and I think my whole life it has… kind of replaced a therapeutic need to decompress,” Jenner said in an interview with WWD. “Yesterday, I spent the entire day cleaning the drawers in my closet because that’s what I do on Sundays. I take everything out of my drawers because we’re going in so many different directions,” she added, explaining how her schedule has been nothing short of busy. 

“I clean everything with my Safely, it’s very relaxing for me,” Jenner explained. “I turn on a good movie in the background. Right now, I’m watching the one with Kevin Costner, ‘Yellowstone.’”

The brand’s new line of Safely Scent Diffusers joins its roster of everyday items for cleaning, including laundry detergent, dish soap and a multi-purpose…

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