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L.A. Leaks Show Dems Only Care about Race when They Benefit


In shocking audio recordings, Nury Martinez, the Los Angeles City Council President, is heard making derogatory remarks about racial minorities in these leaked audio recordings. 

Martinez claimed that Martinez unleashed an invective on several people, believing that her colorful commentary was a private communication and that it would never be made public.

The recently leaked audio of her meeting with two council colleagues and an official from the Federation of Labor raises lots of questions but quickly settles one: Was Martinez a racist when she made her comments a year ago, or only when they were discovered a few days ago?

Comments such as, “F-ck [District Attorney George Gascon]. … He’s with the blacks,” provide a glimpse into Martinez’s true feelings about multiculturalism. She also reportedly described her fellow council member Mike Bonin as a “little b-tch” and his adopted black toddler as “a little monkey” in Spanish.

Despite the apparent cruelty, the main focus of this California horror story focuses on the corrupt deals she allegedly made behind closed doors. This included Ron Herrera, President of Federation of Labor, who has since resigned.

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