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Lauren Boebert Faced A Grueling Re-Election Battle. So She Called An Audible


  • Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert abruptly announced she is running for a different district in 2024, hoping to increase her chances of being elected for another term.
  • Boebert would’ve faced a challenging reelection bid in the state’s 3rd Congressional District where a formidable Republican and Democrat was running against her.
  • “It’s clear she knew that she was going to lose in the 3rd Congressional District, if not the Republican primary, the general election. And I think that’s been clear for some time,” Dick Wadhams, longtime Republican strategist and former chair of the Colorado GOP, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado faced an increasingly challenging reelection bid in her current district, so she decided to run in an environment that’s safer for the Republican to win in 2024.

Boebert would have had to face Republican attorney Jeff Hurd in the primary and Democrat Adam Frisch in the general, who came within 546 votes of ousting her in 2022. After the congresswoman experienced personal headwinds this year with a new relationship following her recent divorce, Boebert opted to run for outgoing GOP Rep. Ken Buck‘s seat…

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