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Leading State Approaches and Communication Strategies to Support Health Equity


This brief describes innovative approaches and communication strategies states and territories are using to address health equity needs.


Governors are leading the way in addressing health equity in their states and territories to reduce health disparities across multiple areas. For the last year, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) explored ways states and territories are addressing and communicating about health equity across and within these areas. This includes reducing health disparities for people with disabilities, people of all races and ethnicities, and among rural populations. Through desk research, learning calls, and convening states and territories in roundtable discussions, the NGA Center gathered promising strategies for this work from examples shared by state and territory leaders. This brief includes information on several of these strategies as examples of how state and territory leaders can create effective health equity approaches and communication strategies that can contribute to dynamic health equity plans.

The project began with NGA staff conducting desk research and learning calls with states and territories. The NGA Center conducted an environmental scan of Governors’ approaches and structures to organize health equity efforts. The NGA…

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