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After COVID: Leaving the Nest


It is yet to be determined if social norms following COVID will make young people more vulnerable or bring multiple generations closer together.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our relationships with one another and with our children. It brought parents and their children together in ways that were both beneficial and potentially dangerous. For young children and even adolescents, studies before the pandemic showed that parents spent 90 minutes per day with their children on average—not enough to create a strong and secure attachment. Children and parents were reunited in a positive way by COVID-19. This included sharing more meals, more play time between parent-child Zoom calls, and adolescents being able to go for long walks or watch movies with their parents.

There is always a dark side to every silver lining. The dark cloud in this case is the difficulty some parents and young people are facing in separating as they go back to school, work, or return to or begin college. This has contributed to an already challenging mental health crisis for teens and young adults, who did not get to practice the separation and distancing between themselves and their parents while at home, something that is critical for a healthy transition to living on one’s own. In particular, the pandemic exacerbated…

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