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Leopards ate the face of this conservative Idaho community


West Bonner County, Idaho, like most of the state, is Trump country. The four-time indicted former president won 73% of the vote in the county in 2020. And, following their MAGA instincts, county voters swept in a radical right-wing school board in the November 2021 elections. 


After seeing those two board members work diligently to destroy their schools, county voters overwhelmingly recalled them last Tuesday. 

The big 60% recall vote underscored the depth of disgust this conservative community felt for electing candidates who delivered exactly what they promised to do. And yet weirdly, they didn’t like conservative governance when it affected them directly!  

Defending themselves in the voter guide, recalled Board Chair Keith Rutledge wrote: 

Your vote today will determine the future of our district. Voting AGAINST my recall will keep a conservative majority on the school board that is working hard to improve the outcomes for our district’s children. Voting for my recall will hand control of our district back over to the very same people that are responsible for 60% reading competency rates and call that ‘a success.’

Rutledge’s defense was OH NO THE LIBERALS. Vice Chair Susan Brown, also recalled, was even more unhinged in her voter…

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