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Trump is a Lifelong Republican.


hi i'm jim i live in very deep blue san francisco my first presidential election was in 1968 and i always voted for a republican candidate even including 2016 however i didn't vote for trump i wrote in john kasich's name john was a decent man which is not an adjective that would ever be applied to trump trump is completely devoid of any conscience or the empathy and leadership skills honesty he's just totally and completely corrupt i'm not entirely sure what i'm going to do in 2020 at this point i could break my string and vote for joe biden or alternately something to think about is perhaps writing in mitt romney's name who's showing himself to be a man at least had some character uh certainly a lot more than trump who's got zero i recently ran across a book review in the economist that i thought was worth briefly sharing the title of the book surviving autocracy by masha gessen and in there um talks about trump being hostile to oversight and descent and more demanding of personal loyalty and displays of adulation from any american president in memory he has spurned allies and fawned over dictators gibson writes trump is qualitatively different from any of his predecessors given he is to ignoring and destroying all institutions of accountability i really think that sums it up very well i just like to close by giving a shout out to those of you who have started this website i think you're doing a wonderful service and to all those who have contributed let's hope that november 3rd brings a big change in the direction of our country thank you

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