Home Politics Lifelong Republican: Trump Has No Sense of right and wrong

Lifelong Republican: Trump Has No Sense of right and wrong


hello i'' m jim i are living in extraordinarily deep blue san francisco my first governmental political election remained in 1968 and likewise i at all times voted for a republican candidate even consisting of 2016 nevertheless i didn'' t elect trump i wrote in john kasich'' s identify john was once a good man which isn’t an adjective that will indisputably ever prior to be associated with exceed trump is fully devoid of any form of rules or the empathy and likewise control skills honesty he'' s merely completely and completely corrupt i'' m now not totally positive what i'' m going to accomplish in 2020 at this second i will injury my string and make a selection joe biden or on the similar time one thing to suppose round is possibly writing in glove romney'' s identify that ' s revealing himself to be a man on the very least had some personality uh completely an entire lot more than trump that'' s were given 0 i only recently stumbled upon a newsletter analysis within the monetary skilled that i assumed was once price in short sharing the identify of information making it thru autocracy through masha gessen and in there um chats about trump being opposed to oversight and likewise descent and extra requiring of private loyalty and likewise show monitors of adulation from any american head of state in reminiscence he has scoffed allies and likewise fawned over tyrants gibson writes trump is qualitatively more than a few from any one in all his precursors introduced he’s to overlooking and harmful all organizations of legal responsibility i actually consider that sums it up actually neatly i just like to within sight giving a shout out to these of you that experience begun this website online i consider you'' re doing an ideal answer and likewise to all those that have contributed let'' s hope that november third brings a large adjustment within the directions of our nation thanks

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