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Donald Trump has made a list of international presidential visits | Wikipedia audio article


This is a listing of global presidential candidates
Donald Trump, 45th president of the USA, made these journeys. Donald Trump has taken nine trips abroad.
Since he took office as president on January 1, 19 countries (alongside the West Bank), were included in his list.
20, 2017. 20.
You have taken a vacation to: One look through to: Argentina Canada China Finland
Germany, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland,
The UK, Vatican City and Vietnam. There were two check-ins to Italy, France, and Belgium. == 2017 == == 2018 == == Future journeys ==.
Trump will make the following international trips:
Many months. The head of state also stated that.
He hopes to hold a second summit conference along with North Korean leader Kim Jongun.
In 2019, a second conference will be held with Vladimir Putin, the Russian head of state. == Multilateral conferences ==
The adhering to multilateral conferences are arranged to occur during Donald Trump'' s 2017– 2021.
term in workplace. == Refer to additionally ==
Diplomacy of America: Foreign Policy of Donald Trump Administration

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