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Liz Cheney Dresses for Her Going-out-of-Business Party – RedState


It seems like it was just yesterday the Liz got blasted in the face like a hunting partner of her father’s. Wyoming told Liz Cheney to leave, and she is, but not before she takes some swings at Republicans on her way out of town to her seat on “The View.”

She took aim at Kari Lake (Republican candidate for Arizona governor). Trump had endorsed Lake so Liz was free to declare that she would support her campaign and the Democrats.


Liz hates Ron DeSantis, too. In fact, besides Pelosi’s other socket puppet, Adam Kinzinger, is there a Republican that Liz Cheney likes? Does she endorse any Republican? Maybe Mitt, but that’s it.

Liz also stated that she would not be a Republican if Donald Trump was elected as the nominee for 2024. Liz, it’s time to face the facts. Trump would be the nominee. That would mean her J6 committee was a big fat zero. It would mean that it spent money and spun wheels. It would mean that, like Mueller, it did a lot of mental masturbation–and not a lot else. It would also mean that the FBI & DOJ discovered…

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