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Los Angeles woman says city ignored neighborhood being terrorized by homeless camp, so she took matters in her own hands


A resident of a ritzy Los Angeles neighborhood said that the city ignored her pleas for help about a homeless encampment, so she decided to take matters in her own hands to solve the problem.

April Silverman of Beverly Grove told KABC-TV that she tried to get help from the city before she decided to take action to prevent a homeless encampment from popping up again in her neighborhood.

“He brought terror into this neighborhood,” said Silverman about a homeless man who began to camp in a tent along Sycamore Avenue near La Brea in October. Very soon, it grew into several individuals living in as many as five cars in the area.

“All day and all night, people used to come by his tent like they were looking for something,” she continued. Silverman said they were using and selling drugs.

“They would come in their car like a drive-thru and you’d come to their window,” she added. “They took cones from the city and they started blocking off all the parking on this block, and they literally took over the entire block. There was garbage everywhere and bad things happening, and fights. We had to call the police. That was our Christmas Eve, calling the police because they were fighting. People were really scared.”

Silverman says one of the individuals associated with the homeless encampment tried to break into…

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