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my name is Mack I am 29 years old and I'm from Florida from the moment that I was able to register to vote I was a registered Republican up until just a few weeks ago actually I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 I would have voted for John McCain in 2008 I wasn't no luck I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 I wrote in evidence mullen every concern I had about Donald Trump going into the 2016 election has come to pass and then some he uses the office of the president an office that we as Americans deeply value and cherish as an institution he's used it for his own personal gain he has surrounded himself with corruption and by all accounts has engaged personally and at least some of that corruption he has ceded America's place on the world stage to other malevolent actors he is abandoned our allies he has emboldened our enemies not only am i voting for Joe Biden this year I am voting for down-ballot Democrats and for the first time ever for any political party for any political candidate I am financially contributing and I am contributing my time as a volunteer I think a lot of people who vote for Donald Trump feel as though they have no choice that they have to do it folks you don't have to vote for Donald Trump you don't have to vote for Donald Trump if you're pro-life you don't have to vote for Donald Trump if you're a Christian you don't have to vote for Donald Trump if you're Republican but if you want a better country you have to vote to put a better man in the White House than Donald Trump this November please even if you never vote for another Democrat again well for Joe Biden this year god bless

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