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my name is Mack I am 29 years old and I'' m from Florida from the moment that I had the ability to sign up to vote I was a signed up Republican politician up till simply a few weeks ago actually I chose Mitt Romney in 2012 I would certainly have voted for John McCain in 2008 I wasn'' t no good luck I did not choose Donald Trump in 2016 I wrote in proof mullen every concern I had about Donald Trump going right into the 2016 political election has come to pass and then some he makes use of the office of the head of state a workplace that we as Americans deeply worth and value as an organization he'' s used it for his very own individual gain he has bordered himself with corruption and by all accounts has actually involved personally as well as a minimum of a few of that corruption he has ceded America'' s put on the globe stage to other malicious stars he is abandoned our allies he has actually pushed our opponents not just am i electing for Joe Biden this year I am voting for down-ballot Democrats as well as for the very first time ever before for any type of political party for any political candidate I am financially contributing and I am contributing my time as a volunteer I assume a great deal of individuals that vote for Donald Trump really feel as though they have no selection that they need to do it folks you put on'' t have to choose Donald Trump you don'' t need to choose Donald Trump if you'' re pro-life you don'' t need to elect Donald Trump if you'' re a Christian you put on'' t have to elect for Donald Trump if you'' re Republican but if you desire a better nation you need to elect to put a better male in the White House than Donald Trump this November please even if you never elect another Democrat once again well for Joe Biden this year god bless

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