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Magill Is Only the Beginning


As everyone expected, after her disastrous performance before a House committee and three days of cleanup that rivaled Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath for effectiveness, University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill is out. She “resigned,” so take that for what it’s worth. The truth is, while this is an important and bracing moment in the post-Oct. 7 awakening to the daily horrors on campuses when it comes to the coddling of progressive extremism, it’s not worth that much. For one thing, Magill only just became president of Penn in July 2022 and would not even be there had longtime president Amy Gutmann not accepted an ambassadorship from Joe Biden.

For another, the entire administrative apparatus at Penn remains in place, and while Magill’s words before Congress were awful enough for her to have to go, she was simply the rotted cherry on top of a poisonous sundae that was in place before she got there and will remain there now that she’s out. The board that appointed her—and that made no moves on her or did anything on its part to show its disgust for the happenings on campus over the past two months—has been shaken, with the parallel “resignation” of a board chair Scott Bok. He had defended the campus’s pre-Oct. 7 openly anti-Semitic Palestine Writes Literature Festival on the…

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