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Majority of Catholics reject Dems’ Abortion, Trans Dogmas


Self-proclaimed Catholics like President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House Speakers have been accused of distorting the church’s teachings by advocating abortion on demand and science-denying transgender Orthodyy. New polls of Catholic voters reveal how radical these leaders are.

A survey conducted last month by EWTN of more than 1,500 “likely Catholic voters” found that over 75 percent oppose biological boys competing in girls’ sports, with 63 percent saying they “strongly oppose.”

The majority of respondents said that they support parents deciding what content is taught in K-12 schools. This was supported especially by black and Asian respondents. Nearly 93 per cent of Asians, and nearly 88 per cent of black respondents, support parental involvement. Black respondents are the only ones who oppose it. While all participants of Asian and black ethnicities reported that their children attend public schools, approximately 93 percent and nearly 88 percent respectively of Asian parents support school choice. Zero black respondents opposed, yet again.

When asked about pregnancy centers — a clear target of Democrat politicians and violent vandals who don’t seem to be a priority for an FBI that’s too busy going after peaceful pro-life…

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