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Mask Mandates Are Back, and You Can Thank Republicans – RedState


COVID Panic is back. That’s what I wrote in a mid-August article, detailing how politicians and the press were lining up to push mitigation measures again. It was just a matter of time before the shoes started to drop, and mask mandates are now making a comeback. 

Multiple school districts around the country, including most recently in Washington, DC, are reinstating mandates as positive cases of COVID-19 are discovered. 

Yes, over three and a half years after “15 Days to Slow the Spread” was first pushed by the Trump administration, we are returning to masking children with N95s. That despite the fact that studies continue to show that masks are highly ineffective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus, including in schools. Further, anyone who thinks this stops with Democrat-led areas of the country is being incredibly naive. 

But as COVID panic increases and mitigation mandates begin to spread, one thing needs to be made clear: Republicans share in the…

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