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Meet Michael Oz, Celebrity Car Dealer


Despite declining markets, luxury car sales increased in this year. Many Americans buy luxury cars, but many of them are celebrities or wealthy.  When it comes to luxury and exotic cars, no one knows them better than celebrity car dealer Michael “Oz” Osturkan.

Visionary entrepreneur and passionate entrepreneur, he created the first ever 100% online car-buying platform. This revolutionized the way Americans purchase their cars.

Michael Oz, one of the most prominent Luxury Vehicle Brokers in America’s Southeast Region, is a specialist in exotic and luxury vehicles. Michael is a specialist on the luxury markets in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Parkland as well as Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Michael is one the few exotic car dealers that uses Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for the promotion of his luxury vehicles in his 20 million-dollar active inventory.

Michael Oz set out to create a marketing strategy that would be relevant and attract the right buyers. He also wanted to offer potential buyers professional service and high quality products. DriveOz.com proved to have been a profitable and highly effective venture for Michael Oz.

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