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Michigan Healthcare Workers’ Lottery Club Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize


The $1 million Powerball prize was won by a Michigan lottery club made up of 78 employees in the healthcare industry. It will be split between them, the club announced Thursday.

The “Heroes to Zeroooos” lottery club from Traverse City, Mich., gathered at MiddleCoast Brewing Company in Traverse City to claim their prize, according to local media.

Each one of the 78 participants will receive approximately $12,800. This group includes doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers in the greater Traverse City region.

According to the Michigan State Lottery, the club’s representative, BJ Bossert Jr., bought the winning ticket at a pharmacy.

“Everyone in our club is ecstatic. This prize is a nice bonus for all of us around the holidays,” Bossert said.

“There are about 65 members who consistently play, but anyone can throw in money whenever they choose,” he said.

“I created a Facebook page for the club where I post who contributed for the drawing and then the results the morning after each drawing,” he added.

“I purchased a Powerball ticket the afternoon of the drawing and then checked the results the next morning at about 4:30 a.m. When I found out that we had won $1,000,000, I was stunned! I posted in the Facebook group and said I had a special announcement coming later that day and planned to share the good news when I was done with work,” Bossert…

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