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Migrants plead to El Paso officers during their arrest for Biden visit: video


Gripping video captures the moment migrants in El Paso pray in vain as cops rounded them up outside a local church shelter ahead of President Biden’s first visit to the Mexican border on Sunday.

“Cover us, Father, in the name of Jesus,” a man is heard praying loudly in Spanish as cops and US customs agents rounded up as many as 150 immigrants in the Texas border city, a report by NBC News shows.

“They come seeking your salvation, sir,” the man says. “They are looking for a better future. They’re respecting the law, sir.

“We respect the law and they’re doing their job,” he says. “But, father, you have the power to protect them… We pray for them, father, in the name of Jesus.”

City police and US Customs and Border Protection officers swept through the Texas city in the days before Biden’s arrival on Sunday, clearing immigrants from a shelter at Sacred Heart Church and outside a local bus station, the outlet reported.

El Paso migrant arrests.
Cops and US customs officers rounded up immigrants in El Paso this week in anticipation of President Joe Biden’s first trip to the Mexican border on Sunday.
James Keivom

El Paso has been the hardest hit by the record-breaking number of immigrants entering the US in recent weeks. In mid-December, there were as many as 2,500 people crossing into the city each day.

Shelters that are well-intentioned can look like this:

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