Home Politics Mike voted for Donald Trump. Here are his regrets.

Mike voted for Donald Trump. Here are his regrets.


hi my name is mike i'' m from st louis missouri and in 2016 i elected donald trump which injures me to say that today uh as i rest here kovid 19 raves on 170 000 americans are dead the economic climate remains in the toilet millions run out work um as well as that'' s the primary reason i'' ll be electing joe biden in november uh donald trump has entirely stopped working in his reaction to the coronavirus from the beginning calling it a scam saying it would certainly vanish motivating americans to inject disinfectant into their bodies you understand all that messaging the words of a president issue and i can'' t aid but think the number of hundreds of americans are dead today and the amount of lives have been uprooted due to the fact that of donald trump'' s unsafe inexperience as well as ineptitude uh as i sit right here numerous americans are waiting on their medicine to arrive via the u.s postal service a great deal of medication is being delayed mail is reducing down as well as to think that that'' s an intentional technique by donald trump and also the postmaster basic to purposely disrupt the post office in an initiative to disenfranchise citizens to inhibit individuals from voting and to downright gear the political election in 2020 is the habits of dictators and also despots not us head of states and i put on'' t care what you considered donald trump in 2016.

you know to rest here today and see the damages that he'' s doing i can ' t happen with a peace of mind you know i couldn'' t elect donald trump again uh you know to think about what another 4 years of donald trump would resemble nearly doesn'' t bear thinking about i understand that america would be virtually indistinguishable uh simply to see what he'' s done in this four years the establishments go to the brink uh'there ' s a great deal of folks that fidget who are afraid and you recognize have some low-grade clinical depression going on trump injury as well as i'' m not unsusceptible to it either uh and also all i can say to individuals available that were feeling that is to not dwell on the misery to try to direct your rage as well as your irritation and to ensure that donald trump'' s one-term president i recognize that i'' m gon na do whatever i can to get my friends and also household participants to end up to choose joe biden and kamala harris due to the fact that america as we recognize it democracy as we know it depends on it this is the most the highest stakes political election ever um so i'' m going to do whatever i can to ensure that joe biden and also kamal harris uh win the presidency on november 3rd to finish this nationwide headache as well as to bring back america you understand to recover its integrity um and also i know that kamala and also joe can do tremendous good and get this country functioning for the american individuals once again

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