Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Minnesota Teachers Soon to Endorse Child Mutilation


Minnesota’s state licensing system will be in effect in 2025. Teachers must advocate transgender ideology and critical race theory.

Minnesota’s teaching licensure board will soon require all teachers to be card-carrying Marxists. The card will literally say “licensed teacher,” but recently approved revisions redefine state licensure in expressly Marxist terms: Academic knowledge is out, and power struggle among the classes is in. Minnesota’s 2025 licensing requirements require that teachers not only teach, but advocate for, critical race theory and transgender ideologies.

The state’s insistence that every teacher positively affirm homosexual behaviors and transgendered identities understandably aggravates consciences among moral traditionalists, but the issues run deeper than the “culture war.” What is at stake is the nature of knowledge, the future of liberty, and the prospects for a sustainable social order. In one word: civilization.

A brief hearing was held on Aug. 24, 2022. The resulting order of implementation, with minor revisions by an administrative judge in December, cemented the new system. The revised Standards of Effective…

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