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Mother Handcuffed by Police in Uvalde Speaks out, Drops a Barn-Burner Accusation – RedState


In the days after the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, TX, details of just how incompetent the police response was began to trickle out. RedState covered the delayed entry into the school, which only ended after Border Patrol agents disobeyed orders to neutralize the shooter. Another startling revelation was that parents who were begging law enforcement to enter the school were subdued, and in some cases, handcuffed and tased.

One story of a woman who broke free to go in and rescue her kids herself made news, and now she’s speaking out. Angeli Gomez is also making a barn burner of an accusation against the police.

Gomez describes a disturbing scene where police chose to put her in handcuffs because she was asking to go into the school to get her children. Eventually, after she was let out of them, she took off running, entering the school herself. She then found her two children amid the chaos and escaped.

Further, the mother says that she could still hear the gunshots going off while she was outside and inside the building, which conflicts with claims by police that all the victims were killed within the first few minutes. That’s been used as an excuse for why they didn’t storm the classroom immediately.

Gomez’s story didn’t end there, though, and this is where things get really infuriating. She says that someone with the police called her after the shooting, threatening to charge her with obstruction of justice if she spoke to the media about their failures.

Somehow, this story just keeps getting worse. I don’t know what would possess any law enforcement official or prosecutor to call up and threaten a mother who was just trying to save her kids and tell the truth about what happened that day. What I do know is that whoever did that needs to be fired immediately. There is no excuse for that kind of abuse of power–never mind that it was done in an attempt to cover up police malfeasance and cowardice.

Hopefully, Gomez is able to pinpoint who she spoke with because this can’t be allowed to slide. Someone’s head needs to roll over the situation. Past that, a lot of police who were on the scene, from those in charge down to the rank and file, need to face severe discipline for the failures that took place that day. Kids were killed that would otherwise be alive today because they chose not to act. Instead of handcuffing and threatening parents, they should have been storming that school to the last man, if that’s what it took.

The more we learn, the more obvious it is that obsessing over guns is going to do nothing to stop these killings. What will stop them or limit the damage is having law enforcement who do their jobs.

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