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MTG demands accountability, holds the line on impeaching Joe Biden


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Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., made her demands clear to Congress last week, stating that she will not “vote to fund the government” unless a series of measures are met, including an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

“I’ve already decided. I will not vote to fund the government unless we have passed an impeachment inquiry on Joe Biden,” Greene told her constituents at a Floyd County Town Hall event.

As a potential government shutdown looms by the end of this month due to the current budget year ending, the White House asked Congress last week to approve a short-term funding bill to “ensure the government keeps operating,” according to AP News.

Although Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has expressed his openness to a short-term deal, according to Newsweek, Greene stated her demands, including eliminating funding for Ukraine, eliminating COVID-19 mandates, and defunding “the Biden regime’s weaponized government.”

“I will not fund the government because I will not fund the weaponized part of the government. I’m not going to continue to fund the Biden regime’s weaponized government. There should be no funding for Jack Smith, Special Counsel,” Greene stated.

In return to Greene’s strong stance, the White House responded by calling her the…

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