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Much-Needed Spending on Masters’ Campaign in Arizona Doesn’t Look Like It’s Coming – RedState


Blake Masters, the GOP nominee for Senate, is now closer than anyone thought. He faces incumbent (and very beatable) Senator Mark Kelly. Masters’ popularity has increased, but Masters has maintained a close race, and has been rising with him. He’s outside the margin of error in most polls, but he’s not out of the race entirely.

His ceiling may be approaching, however. My colleague Nick Arama pointed to a huge prediction by RealClearPolitics. It was predicting that the Republicans would win 52 Senate seats, while the Democrats would have 48. Arizona was at the time a potential pick-up state for Republicans.

Masters, however, has not been able break through, so RealClearPolitics has modified its projection.

Georgia is now a pick-up for Republicans while Arizona is projected to stay in Mark Kelly’s and the Democrats’ hands.

Masters has had to deal with financial difficulties. Peter Thiel, billionaire PayPal founder, spent $15 million to support Masters in the primary. However, he was very hands-off in general election. POLITICO reports, however, that Thiel has been trying to organize an emergency blitz.

Thiel reached for Steven Law on Monday evening to speak with him about the Senate.

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