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My husband and I opened a hotel for nudists — we all love being in the buff


A nudist couple has ditched their lives to go off the grid and transform a 70-foot narrowboat into a naturist haven.

Last year, longtime naturists Fiona Discombe, 54, and her husband Michael, 51, decided to sell their home, purchase a van and travel across Europe to visit as many nudist-friendly locations as they could.

They trekked through countries such as France and Spain — the “best places for nudism” — until they returned to the UK this year and continued to live in their van. However, the weather in England made it challenging.

“We still wanted to try and live off-grid as much as possible, work for ourselves, and have a base in the UK, so we decided we would go and have a look at some boats,” Fiona told Cater News.

Swapping their van for a narrowboat, they decided to turn part of their waterborne home into a hotel for fellow nudists, spending four months on renovations.

“When guests come to stay on the boat we do everything for them,” she said.

Fiona and Michael
They ditched their lives to trek across Europe in a van, only to return home and swap their vehicle for a narrowboat.
@nakedtravels1/ CATERS NEWS

The 70-foot boat houses the couple and their visitors.
@nakedtravels1/ CATERS NEWS

Their amenities include cruises to Bath and Bristol and…

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