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My New National Affairs Article on “The Case Against Nationalism”



National Affairs has published my article “The Case Against Nationalism,” co-authored with Cato Institute scholar Alex Nowrasteh. Alex is also the coauthor (with economist Benjamin Powell), of the excellent book Wretched Refuse? The Political Economy of Immigration and Institutions (Cambridge Univ. Press).

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

Nationalism has become a dominant ideology on the American political right and has gained ground in many European countries over the last decade. This has happened without sufficient attention to the dangers inherent in nationalism — dangers evident in theory and in practice in this latest iteration of nationalism as well as prior ones.

Nationalism is particularly dangerous in a diverse nation like the United States, where it is likely to exacerbate conflict. The ideology is virtually impossible to separate from harmful ethnic and racial discrimination of a kind conservatives would readily condemn in other contexts. Like socialism, with which it has important similarities, nationalism encourages harmful government control over the economy. Nationalism also poses a threat to democratic institutions. Finally, nationalist ideology is at odds with America’s foundational principles, which are based on universal natural rights, not ethnic particularism.


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