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NBC Reporter Suspended For ‘Erroneous Paul Pelosi Report


Suspended Left-wing NBC Today Show correspondent Miguel Almaguer over his report that Paul Pelosi didn’t declare an emergency to responding police just before he was attacked by a man wielding a hammer.

In his November 4 story, Almaguer reported that after Mr. Pelosi’s 911 call, police arrived at the Pelosi home. Then “the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home,” but instead, Almaguer added, Mr. Pelosi “began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police.”

Hours later, NBC retracted and removed the video of Almaguer’s report for not meeting its standards, as though the same outlet responsible for this and this and this has standards. NBC did not suspend anyone for any of this or five years of spreading lies about Russia Collusion Hoax.

Here’s how the far-left Daily Beast reported Almaguer’s suspension:

Hours later, the report—which was based on an unnamed source seemingly contradicting the claims of both prosecutors and police—was retracted, and video of the segment was scrubbed from NBC’s website. “This piece has been…

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