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DamDam Snow Mushroom Sal Cleanser

$34 at sephora.com, Damdamtokyo.com, Starting February 15.

DamDam Snow Mushroom Salt Cleanser

DamDam Snow Mushroom Sal Cleanser

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DamDam’s signature, Japanese heritage-inspired approach to life is brought to life by its first cleansing bar.

True to the product’s name, the cleanser’s active ingredients are salt and snow mushroom, an exfoliating and elasticity-boosting duo (respectively) that are said to benefit oily and acne-prone skin.

“A lot of our products currently right now are servicing, or are more beneficial, for people with sensitive, dehydrated or combination skin,” said Giselle Go, who cofounded DamDam with Philippe Terrien. “This cleanser is formulated for people with more oily skin, potentially brought on by hormone imbalances or other factors.”

Accompanying the cleansing bar is a compostable exfoliating glove made from plant fibers, marking a second addition to DamDam’s fledgling assortment of face and body tools and accessories, like lymphatic drainage tools.

Go didn’t forecast sales for the cleanser. Industry sources however estimated that it would make $600,000 worldwide in its first year.

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More information can be found here

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