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New Jersey Democrat Mayor Blasted for Saying Migrants ‘Not Welcome Here’


As Joe Biden’s border crisis continues to negatively impact America, Democrats are beginning to turn against the president for his failed immigration policies. And one Democrat mayor in New Jersey is taking heat for turning completely against Biden’s tidal wave of illegal border crossers.

Sam Joshi, the Democrat mayor of Edison, New Jersey, seems to have had enough, but he is taking criticism for his comments about the growing migrant problem, particularly when he said he wanted to “make it clear that our position in Edison township is that they’re not welcome here.”

“They’re illegal, and they belong on the other side of the border. We don’t want them in Edison, period. That’s the bottom line,” he said, according to the New Jersey Monitor. He added that he plans to order his police to bus the migrants back to “the other side of the border.”

In response to the criticism, Joshi told Newsweek that as a “son of immigrants,” he “understands this issue very well.”

“Edison has a large immigrant population and the overwhelming majority of Edison residents, most notably the immigrant community, support my position and I’m proud to represent their…

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