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New Lawsuit Challenges Grant Program That Gives Only To Black Women


The American Alliance For Equal Rights (AAER) filed a lawsuit in an Atlanta district court on Wednesday against a venture capital firm running a grant program that only gives to black women.

The AAER cited the recent Supreme Court case Students For Fair Admissions v. Harvard and argued that Fearless Fund Management operates an unlawful, “racially-discriminatory program”, according to the lawsuit. Fearless Fund awards $20,000 grants quarterly to small businesses founded by black women through its Fearless Strivers Grant Contest, with the current entry period running from Aug. 1 to Aug. 31, according to the contest page. (RELATED: Biden Regulator Poised To Shove Left-Wing Priorities Into The Workplace)

“Under the terms of the grant program, official eligibility for the contest depends on an applicant’s race with only black females being eligible to participate in the process,” according to a press release from the AAER sent to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The lawsuit requests the federal court enter a judgment against Fearless Fund for operating this racially discriminatory contract and issue a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction barring them from…

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